15 Sep

Chiropractic for Every Body

When Michael and Kelley asked me to write a blog piece on “Chiropractic for Every Body” I was excited to share my passion.

For the sake of time and attention span, I’m going to assume that everyone knows Chiropractors as the “neck and back pain doctors,” and leave the nitty-gritty details of chiropractic care for a later blog. Today I want to specifically talk about why every body, young and old, needs a chiropractor. Regardless of health status, pain status, age, or anything else… Every Body needs a Chiropractor!

I am not like every other chiropractor, which is not to say that I’m better or worse, I only state this so that you don’t assume that every chiropractor you meet will share my same positions. I am what you may consider a Wellness Chiropractor, in that I focus on the importance the nervous system plays in a properly functioning body, and a lifestyle that supports a properly functioning nervous system.

In order for you to gain a greater understanding about the importance of chiropractic care for people of every age, beginning at birth and continuing through the entire life cycle and development, I will make a parallel with a profession that has a similar philosophy, but is  understood far better today than it was 50 years ago – Dentistry! Through much education and awareness, dentists have successfully spread the message of dental health and preventative care to the general population. People very clearly understand that when a child’s teeth come in you must start brushing, flossing, and taking them to the dentist to maintain good dental health. We now know that even before their teeth come in, the diet that mom had during pregnancy and nursing can have an effect on the teeth. Chiropractic care is similar to this, in that a child should have his spine checked at birth, and continue having it checked and adjusted on a regular schedule throughout his lifetime, regardless of pain,  symptoms, or lack thereof.

A chiropractor helps maintain the health of the spine and nervous system from the time of birth (which can be an extremely stressful event on a delicate spine) by checking for something called a Subluxation. A Subluxation is simply when a bone of the spine moves out of alignment and puts pressure on the delicate and vitally important nerves that exit between them. Even a slight amount of pressure from these misalignments can cause a great deal of dysfunction by interfering with the messages that are sent between the brain and the body. In many ways, the spine is like those teeth that have not yet come in, but are still being influenced by what mom is eating, if baby is being breastfed, if baby is getting a pacifier, and more.  Like teeth, we must continue to care for the spine throughout the life development.

Although we are not able to see our spine, it is influenced greatly by the stress that we place upon it during life. Regular spine evaluations and adjustments are a vital part of a healthy lifestyle for every body – young, old, and everywhere in between.

Stay tuned for more tips and awareness about chiropractic care, and please contact me with your questions.

-Yours in health,
Dr. Tracey Smith, D.C.