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Maybe you’ve heard the buzz about essential oils. Well, it’s no hype! We’d love the chance to show you how these amazing gifts from God have changed our approach to wellness and daily living. Read all about essential oils, how to purchase, and even how to join our team by clicking any of the links below.
We have found creative ways to “de-chemical” our home in order to avoid toxins and negative side effects of health, beauty, and cleaning products made with synthetic compounds. Whether for safety reasons, seasonal threats, or planet-friendly motivations, you’ll find many ideas for making your home natural. We believe choosing alternatives to harsh chemicals in your home will promote many health benefits, which will make you stronger as you live to worship Jesus.

Men and women alike care about appearance, and the Lord desires that we put our best face forward as we reflect His love. In choosing natural beauty products we can put the emphasis on caring for our bodies as a form of worship, as opposed to using chemicals or make-up that might hurt us or our children in effort to “look good.” Remember that the Lord looks on the heart, and no matter what beauty products you use keep in mind that we are beautiful because we are His. Please enjoy these helpful and creative ideas to increase your beauty and decrease your use of harsh synthetics.

Ever heard of the saying, “You are what you eat”? Our diets affect us more than we know, and what goes in as natural and whole will produce better results in our fitness and strength goals. These are just a few ways to incorporate natural and organic foods into your body to promote health, wholeness, strength, and safe weight-loss. If you are interested in  “jumpstarting” your way to healthy eating, we recommend visiting This easy-to-follow plan will radically cleanse and recharge your body for a brand-new you!.

Organic Cleaning
Did you know many of your cleaning supplies are not only toxic for you, but also for the planet? What if we told you that you could “makeover” your cleaning closet with all-natural products that are not only safer and more effective, but far cheaper? Start here and say good-bye poisons in your home! Many essential oils are microbial and anti-bacterial, which is why we kill germs without harming our own bodies with these cleaners in our home. Try a few, but watch out – you just might be hooked!

We believe in getting our bodies and our spirits fit and strong as we Live to Worship. On these pages you will find creative ideas for both that we’ve found are tried and true. When you get spiritually fit, don’t forget your body, and when you’re getting your body in shape, remember your spirit too!

Regular and proper exercise is important to keep our bodies healthy and strong – and our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. They deserve the best care as we Live to Worship Him. The following links, exercises, and ideas are what we have found work well for physical fitness.

Spiritual fitness is not a new concept, but perhaps it is a lost one in our culture. While we don’t have to work hard or work out to earn favor or salvation from God, He is worthy of our best once we have received His grace through His Son, Jesus Christ, to buy our lives back from sin. Join us as we explore what it looks like to get fit and run with God in the spirit with all of our heart. When we live to worship Him in every area of our lives to the best of our efforts, He will be glorified and praised more and more in the earth.

It is important to incorporate and teach the principles of worship even at the youngest ages. Check out our partner links, and make sure to visit the “For Kids” section periodically for some fun DIY crafts and EO projects, kids’ devotions, and other great tools for teaching kids how to worship God in all areas of life.