Soli Deo Gloria 2017

Thank you for your interest in #sendforTEN. This started out of a desire to push the old adage that EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS and that we are so grateful for your support no matter the amount! There is no need for people to feel like what they can give is not important or enough to make a difference, or that they would be looked down upon for the gift. Please read below for more information about the work in Russia.

This year in October/November, we are returning to Russia to take part in the Soli Deo Gloria conference, helping our missionary friends, Gerry and Marla Schroeder train laypeople and worship pastors in Biblical worship and also how to effectively lead their congregations in the music side of that. Over the past year since returning, we have been looking at longer term service in the country. God seems to have that on hold for the moment; however, we will be returning this year with all the girls in tow, in order to help prepare for, tend to, and wrap up the technical (and some administrative) needs of the conference.The cost of this year’s trip will be $7000. This will include our cost of stay, transportation, food, and passports and visas for the older two who did not accompany us last year. Through God’s grace and provision, we raised $7000 for last year’s trip in just 2 short months – obviously God’s hand was in that process. We are confident that if He is calling us there, He will provide the funds we need to get there this year as well.

When you give, your donation of whatever amount is helping Russian pastors and lay leaders have the opportunity to study Biblical worship and effective use of music, media, and other creative arts to facilitate authentic worship in their churches. If you are feeling called to give, you may donate through World Venture by sending a check made out to World Venture and our names in the memo line to:

ATTN: Patricia Jabour
Bent Tree Bible Fellowship
4141 International Parkway
Carrollton, TX 75007

OR by clicking the donation page link below. It is important to note that at the very bottom of the donation page there is a “comments” box. You must put Michael & Kelley Tuck in the comments field on the donation page. If you don’t, they will not be able to assign the money to our account.

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Here is a glimpse of the conference from last year.

If you would like to take a look back at last year’s Daily VLOGs, please follow this link. To see the impact that this conference is having on the church in Russia, visit their Vimeo channel or their Facebook page. If you would like to sign up for our newsletter updates, please click the link below.

Our trip dates are October 27th to November 6th. We would be very grateful for any support you could provide, whether financially or in prayer. We would ask that you consider helping bathe us and the trip in prayer before, during, and after, and as God gives us direction concerning any future ministry work there.

Please pray for:

  1. An amazing revival and movement of the Spirit among worship leaders and lay people at the conference.
  2. A unity among the staff and team who will be working the conference and teaching the Russian people about Biblical worship, including how to use music to facilitate worship in their churches. May we worship in spirit and in truth and be examples of such to others.
  3. Clear direction in our lives and our future ministry work in general.
  4. The provision of Almighty God for the $7,000 we will need to provide for our travels and stay and for it to come in smoothly over the next couple of weeks.
  5. Clarity of vision and stamina for us both to compile material for any masterclasses and to relay it to the Russian leaders efficiently and effectively.
  6. Physical, emotional, and spiritual safety and health for our family, especially the three girls, and the rest of the conference team as well.
  7. Peaceful and calm children during a very long roundtrip plane ride, the preparation for the conference, and the actual 3 days of the conference.