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Join Our TeamBecome a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate

If you have ever considered owning your own business, or simply have a passion to share amazing, life-changing products with others, now is the perfect time to begin with dōTERRA and the Living to Worship Team! That’s because, despite difficult economic times, dōTERRA Wellness Advocates are thriving and building solid businesses.  Join our team, and become a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate.

We are looking for enthusiastic, motivated people who are interested in learning more about dōTERRA, and sharing our vision of empowering every home with God’s gift to us – His healing power through essential oils.

dōTERRA wants you to succeed and will provide mentoring and support to help you achieve your goals. Join our team of knowledgeable, professional Wellness Advocates!

As a Wellness Advocate, you can:

  • Educate others about God’s healing power through essential oils
  • Empower others to take control of their health needs
  • Work from home
  • Receive commissions on your sales

The “Market”:

A growing number of people are turning to alternative wellness options. Essential Oils have been in a strong growth phase for many years (there have been more visits to alternative healthcare providers than to conventional medical practitioners every year since 1991). As traditional practices in this country have become increasingly more expensive, many — especially families with young children — have sought out more cost-effective ways to take care of their health and wellness needs.


  • #1 PRODUCT: dōTERRA’s high quality products have proven themselves time and time again. They have a mission. They are  products with a purpose.
  • #2 PEOPLE: dōTERRA people are authentic. No hassle. No hype. No high-pressure sales. The people dōTERRA attracts are quality people who are principle driven.

dōTERRA is – different. We break through all barriers. We are the fastest growing company in the industry.
dōTERRA isgrowing 198% from March 2011- March 2012.
dōTERRA isinvesting now to prepare for their projected growth.
dōTERRA isleading the industry with a current retention rate of 65% (the industry average is 10 to 15%).
dōTERRA isprojected to be the next International Billion $ Business by 2015.

Now is the perfect opportunity to join and grow with a company that is steadily gaining momentum.


dōTERRA Essential Oils and Team Living to Worship support our teammates in achieving their goals. However large or small your dream may be, our goal is to provide you with the resources, mentoring, and support you need to succeed. We offer mentoring, leadership training, business training and product training in North Carolina, Virginia, and Colorado. Additionally, online training is available for our teams outside of those areas.

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