We’re the Tucks, and we’re glad you stopped by our page! We hope you find inspiration, health, and hope here as you explore what it means to live life to worship God. If you’re new to all this, we’re here to answer your questions and get you started to a renewed, healthier family one step at a time. These are ways we’ve found that work well to promote wellness and fitness in your spirit and body, all for the glory of God. (For a full story on our journey to all things natural, read our post on Origins.)

You will find links to some of our family members, who are also devoted to Living to Worship – each in his or her own unique way. We hope that as you incorporate these ideas into your lifestyle, you will be empowered as well. We often update the pages and blogs, so check back often and subscribe to catch all of our latest posts and encouragements. We’re Living to Worship Him and serve you!
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